Girls around the world face challenge pursuing their education, career, and development at higher scales than males. But, being born a girl in a pastoral society in Tanzania is much worse, girls often experience abnormal practices including female genital mutilation, early marriages etc.

FGM is still a problem; with some societies in Tanzania where they circumcise girls as soon as they are born. This is due to the fact that most women give birth at home. This makes it impossible for law enforcers and the society to hold these people accountable for their abuses.

By using a free mapping app: Openstreetmap anyone can help mapping rural villages in Tanzania, in turn helping the girls who are at risk of the FGM find the safe house in Mugumu, Musoma. When a girl is free, the society is also free.  Here is a two-minutes video by Aljazeera about the safe house in Tanzania which is supported by the Tanzania Development Trust.


Let’s celebrate girls by keeping them safe from harmful practices such as FGM. When you educate a woman you educate the society.




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