I was one of the people who thought they knew how to swim because I could play in shallow water. In July 2009 my then boyfriend and I went to Malawi at Nkhata Bay in Lake Nyasa. He asked me would you like to swim, I replied yes! We went into the water and I jumped into deep water only to fall to the bottom of the lake like a rock I almost drown. Without the help of my then boyfriend, I would have died that day.

There was a girl who would say ‘my hobby is swimming’ while she never tried before. In 2006, Miss Asila from Ilala who was contesting for Miss Tanzania drowned in a swimming pool of 6-8 feet.

It made me think about hobbies are something that one needs to be sure with what are their hobbies. It has to be a thing that you are good at and enjoy to do.

Swimming is statistically the best exercise that a human being can do, as it involves your whole body.  The Scout team in Dar es Salaam offers swimming lessons for free, it’s your chance to learn how to swim. In the case of an emergency like the drowning of Mv. Bukoba you can at least survive while waiting for the life-saving boats.

It is very important to know to swim considering that there is an Indian ocean in Dar es Salaam. And, swimming is a survival exercise; not knowing how to swim in a city surrounded by the ocean is like not knowing how to escape a burning building.


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