I have been living in Vienna, Austria for the last two years, among the things that fascinated me a lot was it’s public parks, a very good public transport etc. I would meet friends at the park every Saturday for yoga sessions etc.

I am wondering when our politicians travel abroad why they do not adopt the simple and cheap idea of public spaces for people to interact? Parks offer people a place to meet, interact, they are places to go during emergencies, such as fires, places for entertainment, the arts and discussion. They are integral parts of an urban society.

I often see kids playing football in an empty area between several houses in Dar es Salaam. Playing, especially for young children is fundamental for child’s development, yet most of our kids are not given space to nurture their talent and explore new ideas physically.

Kids playing outside the house.
Kids playing outside the house.

How can we not realize something easy like this for our people and the welfare of the city? As Dar es Salaam expands and the city centre in Posta fills up with new skyscrapers perhaps we should think about developing public areas where people can escape from the hustle of the city and just relax.


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