Article 14 of the Tanzania Constitution as amended in 1977, states that every person has a right to live without fear and protection of the society. However, this is not a case for people with albinism in Tanzania who constantly fear for their lives, some have to sleep in the forest every night because their homes are not a safe place anymore.

For many years Tanzania has been famously known as a peaceful country, but persons with albinism have not been living peacefully in the last ten years. In the past, Tanzanians worked together to build schools, hospital, and other infrastructures for the common good. But, today we are complicit in killing people with albinism, or a thief for stealing, or elders for witchcraft reasons. How could normal people transform so quickly, is this the nature of a communal society or a lawless one?

Here is my latest radio show on the topic, let me hear your comment on the show.


Let’s remember People with albinism are not super humans but normal people like you and me, as they only lack a skin color.  Live #Tanzania and let people with albinism live too.

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