How can people come along with families, friends, neighbors, and relatives if they don’t trust them? If we trust one another we are able to cooperate and work together.

Trust means confidence; it is obvious if we have confidence in ourselves we may have confidence in others. Let us be honest, how many people in Tanzania, say goodbye to their neighbors when they are traveling?

It is believed that when people hide issues from their colleagues’ it is for their own success, that if they tell people it can become an obstacle if someone may do something to prevent them from achieving their goal. There must be something missing somewhere, there is a saying: where there are two people nothing goes wrong. And, when an issue is shared it becomes half solved, but why do people not share their things until they becomes a failure or success?

Perhaps it is the fear, fear is about thinking negatively. People tend to think of others in a negative way. Sometimes others know better about an issue than we do.

In the MKUKUTA Monitoring 2007 (VIEW OF THE PEOPLE) they surveyed about the level of Trust in the Community; only 15% of people living in Dar es Salaam can be trusted while in rural areas 25% of people can be trusted. Surprisingly 3% of Dar es Salaam residents trust foreigners while 13% of rural residents trust foreigners. What is the reason for not trusting foreigners, does it have to do with the past experience of colonialism?

We need to ask ourselves what makes us fear others? We need to be trustworthy to ourselves, to be trustworthy to others, everything begins with us.

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